Tandem Inkunzi 3-wheeler Torx VX200

From: R9970

Tandem Large three wheeler with 520mm heavy duty steel deck, height adjustable by setting wheel heights, fitted with Torx VX200 motor

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4 Stroke Engine Oil

FREQUENTLY BOUGHT WITH lawn mowers & generators. Needed before first use. 4 stroke products are shipped WITHOUT OIL. Add this to your cart for convenience, if you don't already have oil. (Please read your motor Operator's Manual for specification of oil Qty).

Transparent 5L fuel can with spout

Tandem heavy duty 3-wheeler mower with Torx VX200 motor, suitable for Commercial use

– 520mm heavy duty steel deck

– large diameter, three wheeler

– height adjustable by setting wheel heights

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    Weight 52 kg
    Dimensions 86 × 59 × 50 cm


    Chassis Type


    Power Type

    4 Stroke Engine Oil


    500 ml, 535 ml, 1 Litre

    Transparent 5L fuel can with spout


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