As this website is a catalogue of many of the items we sell, and not all items are kept in stock all of the time, on many occasions we have to obtain the item from the supplier warehouse before we can send it to you.  In this case there can be a turnaround time of three days before we actually ship it, or it is available to collect in-store.  We will do our best to keep you informed of the progress of your order at all times.  Once shipped, you can usually expect a 2-4 day delivery period using Economy via courier.  Any sizes/dimensions/weights displayed in the Additional Information Tab are for shipping purposes only and are not necessarily the actual size of the product.  WE DO NOT SHIP STIHL MACHINES.

The Cart is currently only configured to ship certain products within South Africa.  If you are outside RSA please email us, we will see if we can get a quote for shipping to you, we may not be able to arrange shipping to certain countries.

SHIPPING INSURANCE:  Insurance is offered as an option on many of our products.  As is the norm with insurance claims, if a claim is made for loss or damage in transit, there is an excess (first amount payable) that will be deducted from your claim.  Some couriers, eg: our local KZN courier, do not offer insurance on goods over 50kg (actual or volumetric weight).  Where we can, we offer you a more expensive courier that does, however certain products have NO INSURANCE OPTION due to their nature/package size, weight, or because it is over 50kg being sent locally, and we request that you take out your own insurance before we ship it, if you do require your goods to be insured.  Please Note:  THE RISK PASSES TO YOU ONCE YOUR GOODS LEAVE OUR SHOP IF YOU DID NOT SELECT THE INSURANCE OPTION or IF THERE WAS NO INSURANCE OPTION AVAILABLE.