Gardena Battery Telescopic Pruner TCS 20/18V P4A solo with 2.5Ah Battery & Charger Kit

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18V battery Telescopic Pole Saw is suitable for Domestic Use, and can cut for up to 50 minutes or up to 200 branches of a 50mm thickness on the 1 x 2.5Ah battery. (Charger and batteries usually sold separately) BUT we have it on a promotion. GET A FREE STARTER KIT WITH THIS PRUNER (starter kit includes an AL 1830CV Quick Charger and 1 x 2.5Ah/18V battery)

Register your Gardena battery product on and get an additional year – total 3 year warranty (on Unit).

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STIHL Chain Lubricant

Forest Plus is a high quality mineral oil base. Provides sound bar and chain lubrication on all brands of chainsaws, and prevents resinification even during prolonged down times


Even with a ladder, you often have little or no access to branches high up in the treetops. But pruning is also necessary at lofty heights. Now there is no need to climb at all – with the GARDENA Battery Telescopic Pruner TCS 20/18V P4A, you can work from the ground with a firm foothold.

Because the telescopic saw only weighs 3.1 kilograms without battery, it is easy to work with. It is handy, compact and cuts accurately. With its 20-centimetre blade length and telescopic handle, you can reach branches at heights of up to four metres – without having to climb or put yourself in danger on a wobbly ladder.

Thanks to a LED indicator directly on the handle, you are always aware of the current charge level. This tool is compatible with all 18V batteries from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Depending on battery used, the pruner can reach a battery run time of up to 120 minutes or cut up to 480 branches with 50-millimetre diameters.

The narrow cutting head is practical in two ways: if you tilt it, you can reach tight spots in treetops. And you can also chop up branches lying on the ground without having to kneel or bend down. This way, you can get the cuttings into a handy format and dispose of them easily.

The cutting support at the tip of the cutting blade allows you to hold the telescopic saw in a stable position. You can also use it to pull branches that have already been sawn off the tree, if they don’t fall to the ground on their own. And, last but not least, it protects the chain when cutting close to obstacles.

If you want to transport or store the pruner, you can separate it into two parts – easily and without tools.

You can use any 18V battery system from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. These batteries can be used for numerous devices around the house and garden. So you save money and remain flexible! Would you prefer to buy the product with the battery and charger included? If so, then this Ready-To-Use Set ON PROMOTION is the right one for you.

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    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 112,5 × 19,5 × 14 cm
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    STIHL Chain Lubricant


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