Gardena ComfortCut™ 600/55 Electric Hedge Trimmer


  The powerful Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 600/55 from GARDENA helps you prune medium and large hedges reliably. The hedge trimmer has a well-balanced design so that you can guide it optimally, even when working for longer periods of time. The ergonomic ErgoLine handle fits comfortably in your hand in any cutting position especially when cutting the sides of the hedge. The easily accessible start button in the ErgoLine handle adds to the comfort and ease of use. The laser-cut precision blades enable you to cut quickly and easily with little effort. With their help you achieve an efficient clean cut of twigs and branches. The impact protection at the end of the ComfortCut 600/55 ensures that the blades are protected when cutting close to the ground or along house walls and garden walls. The cable strain relief increases safety during cutting and prevents unintentional loosening of the cable.


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    Weight 4 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 20 × 13,5 cm
    Power Type


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