STIHL Compact cordless trimmer, 36V, 2.7kg. Very lightweight and easy-to-use, for maintaining lawns and lawn edges around your home. Cutting circle diameter of 280 mm, adjustable shaft length at the press of a button and toolless handle adjustment. Spacer for mowing around obstacles such as trees and shrubs. The FSA 57 has a soft handle & comes standard with the AutoCut C 3-2 nylon mowing head that can be refilled from the outside with no tools needed. The optional PolyCut 3-2 with blade can also be used.

Includes AK 10 battery & AL 101 charger (up to 25min runtime)

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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This KIT includes the AK 10 battery & AL 101 charger.

can be used with either AK 10, AK 20 or AK 30 battery

Use maximum 1.6 mm nylon, in FSA 57 trimmer:

AK 10 battery
runtime – up to 25 min
charge time – 80 min

AK 20 battery
runtime – up to 50 min
charge time – 150 min

AK 30 battery
runtime – up to 60 min
charge time – 205 min


To ensure that owners get the very best from their products STIHL insists that full product advice and safety instruction be given on all of their power products. For this reason STIHL currently requires that their machines are collected in-store and handed over professionally by the dealer.

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