Conveniently situated on the lower level of Fields Shopping Centre, we at Kloof Lawnmower Centre have been providing gardeners in the Kloof, KZN area with the professional gardening tools and repair services they need for the past 31 years. Fully equipped, our workshop is run by highly-trained staff who’re on hand to ensure you get the quality repairs that you need done at an affordable price. Utilising the tremendous amount of experience we’ve gained over the years, we’re well placed to guarantee our customers receive only the most sophisticated and appropriate advice when needing to replace their power products. Whether you’re in need of some sound advice, repair work or you’re just looking for the best prices, here at Kloof Lawnmower Centre we’re committed to providing you with the best service, so get in touch, or pop in and pay us a visit.


Victa lawn mowers deliver industry leading reliability and durability levels with over 60 years of quality and innovation built into every lawn mower. Now back in South Africa, we are proud to say we are an Appointed Victa Dealer. Three models are being distributed here in SA, powered by Briggs and Stratton motors – they are a 163cc push, a 163cc self-propelled and a 190cc push.


We have spent the last 5 weeks revamping the store and expanding our Showroom. We have grown our stock range, and had a new STIHL concept stand installed. With the added space we are now able to stock additional lines of the other trusted Brands that we have always supplied ie. the very affordable Murray petrol mowers, Briggs & Stratton brushcutters, Shindaiwa & Echo blowers, and the Tandem & Wolf range of aluminium mowers. We aim to offer a wide choice of products to meet all needs, ranging from lower priced units for the entry-level consumer to top end units for the consumer with the more demanding properties & needs, while at the same time never compromising on the quality of the products we offer. Pop in to see our new Store and meet us (Paul and Sue). We’ll advise you on the right products to meet your requirements, while taking your budget into account. You can’t beat personal service. 


To keep your nylon cutting line supple, store your spare spool in a small tub of water. This makes it flexible and it will last longer while you cut. If you are putting your trimmer/brushcutter away for winter, remove your nylon from the cutting head and also put it in water to store it.


You should never turn your four-stroke petrol mower on it’s side. This could cause oil to leak into the cylinder and very often drowns the air filter. It would then be very hard to start and the air filter would need replacing if it’s a cartridge type. When cleaning the mower, always put it in the ‘wheelie’ position ie. on it’s back wheels, front wheels in the air, spark plug up. Using a plastic spatula, scrape off the grass from under the base. On a hot day put the mower out to air dry. This will extend the life of your chassis.

Always make sure the mower is not running 😉


When storing your petrol lawn mower or brush cutter for the Winter break, the fuel tank should be emptied. If fuel is left in the tank it could cause problems starting it up next season because the fuel loses it’s combustibility, and can gel up in the carburettor. It is advisable to let the machine idle until it runs out of fuel and stops on it’s own. On a four stroke mower, make sure the oil level is topped up before storing it. Then store away in a normal position under cover in a dust-free, dry place.


Now that the weather is dry you will be mowing less frequently. If you fertilise in Autumn be aware that it will not have any effect until Spring. If you have been using a mulching mower (eg: Lawnstar UTE58), you should not need to fertilise. When you think it is the last cut of the season before settling into Winter, leave the grass cut slightly higher than normal.


Find the perfect tools to maintain your garden. We sell a good quality range of high-performance gardening tools to keep hedges neat, remove fallen leaves and cut back brush. We are suppliers of STIHL, Echo, Mitsubishi, Tandem & Wolf brush cutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, blowers, pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, other good brands of outdoor garden equipment, and a range of convenient and easy-to-use hand saws, and pole pruners. Our Yamaha and Briggs & Stratton ProMax range of generators are the ideal backup power supply solutions for your home and office use. We offer advice about the correct size you require, and we stock many models to suit your needs. These brands are well backed up by the manufacturers with regard to spares, so we can maintain your generator with confidence in our workshop. We also stock an extensive array of spares and accessories for all of the brands that we carry.


Keep your garden looking good all year round with our petrol, electric and ride-on lawnmowers. Our large showroom has a range of Snapper & Ferris ride-on mowers for heavy duty gardening jobs, Yamaha and Tandem petrol lawnmowers that are perfect for those larger gardens, and the Wolf & Tandem range of electric lawnmowers. When choosing a lawnmower we’ll weigh up a number of important factors like the size, type and shape of your lawn  to ensure you choose the lawnmower that’s best suited to your gardening requirements. One size doesn’t fit all, and it’s not true that the bigger the motor, the better the mower!


This November 2018 KLC are celebrating 30 years in business, in the Kloof, KZN area. Paul Fenton (Owner) purchased the business in November 1988, from an elderly man who started the shop and had only had it a couple of years. Originally round the side of Maytime Shopping Centre in Kloof, and after being there for 8 years and outgrowing the premises enormously, Paul was very pleased to be able to rent off plan when the old Fields Hotel was being made into the all new Fields Centre. He had it specifically designed with a ramp outside to allow the wheeling in of the Ride-On mowers and other smaller lawnmowers, motorbikes etc, all of which they service and maintain. He had a wash-bay built for the cleaning of this equipment during servicing. Prior to the move, Sue, his wife, had joined him in managing the shop permanently, and is still a driving force behind the business.

So, after 22 years here, Paul is the only original shop owner in the Fields Centre, while many other businesses have remained in the centre they have all had changes of ownership. Not only that, he is one of the only original business owners in Kloof. KLC is very proud to celebrate their 30 years, and looks forward to many more years of servicing the local customers, and expanding their territory via the website.

Pop in to visit Paul or Sue for sound advice, good experience in the industry and best prices on lawn mowers, brushcutters, chainsaws, small battery-powered tools and many other power products listed around this website – take a browse.




Konrad, our local Netcare 911 Rescue guy, sporting his new STIHL gloves, recently supplied by us.


STIHL gloves


Three of our staff members were recently awarded their long service awards. Paul Fenton (owner) presented them with Certificates of Appreciation.

Christopher Mzobe – Workshop Supervisor – earned 21 YEARS at the end of 2016.

Christopher Farr – Workshop Assistant – earned 15 YEARS during 2018.

Bheki Magwaza – Workshop Assistant – earned 10 YEARS during 2018.

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